I'm Mason.

I'm currently working as a Product designer at Facebook. I have a penchant for understanding people, businesses, and how they use products for their needs. I'd like to improve the life of people and business with my work.

AdRoll Campaign Reporting App

AdRoll’s reporting app for viewing campaign performance across web, Facebook and email.

AdRoll | 2017
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Campaign Creation App

AdRoll web application that advertisers from various verticals, agencies and internal account managers use to create ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

AdRoll | 2016
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AdRoll Pattern Library

AdRoll’s pattern library site for reusable UI components built using React.

AdRoll | 2017
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AdRoll UI Framework

A set of shared UI elements made in Sketch that serves as a source of truth for AdRoll's UI elements.

AdRoll | 2016
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