Mason Lee

I'm currently working as a Product designer at Facebook. I have a penchant for understanding people and business problems and crafting delightful experiences, and bringing ideas to life with prototypes in Framer and React.

Framer Projects

A collection of my recent prototypes built with Framer and React. In case the site doesn't open, take a look at this video.

Facebook | 2019
Thumb Framer

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows people to buy and sell items with others within their community.

Facebook | 2019
facebook-marketplace thumbnail image

Facebook Ads Reporting

A tool for marketers to analyze their Facebook ads performance..

Facebook | 2018
facebook-ads-reporting thumbnail image

AdRoll Campaign Reporting App

AdRoll’s reporting app for viewing campaign performance across web, Facebook and email.

AdRoll | 2017
adroll-reporting-app thumbnail image

Campaign Creation App

AdRoll web application that advertisers from various verticals, agencies and internal account managers use to create ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

AdRoll | 2016
adroll-campaign-creation-app thumbnail image

AdRoll Pattern Library

AdRoll’s pattern library site for reusable UI components built using React.

AdRoll | 2017
adroll-pattern-library thumbnail image

AdRoll UI Framework

A set of shared UI elements made in Sketch that serves as a source of truth for AdRoll's UI elements.

AdRoll | 2016
adroll-ui-framework thumbnail image