Campaign Creation App

AdRoll web application that advertisers from various verticals, agencies and internal account managers use to create ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

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Build the best Facebook ads platform.

In the legacy application, advertisers had to go through 4 different pages to launch a campaign. This involved more clicks and each step of setting up a campaign was quite a fragmented experience. This meant that our user experience revolved around asking users to fill out required information about their campaign and for us to validate the information without proper guidance around setting up a best performing campaign. Also, as a fast-growing company, we wanted to build an application that can work as a framework for future ads API integrations.

Reporting legacy system

From research to collaboration with other designers.

According to metrics, we observed that each page and a modal within pages were major dropout points. Despite the fact that setting up a Facebook ad is complex and requires a lot of information from users, we put everything in one page while minimizing the use of modals.

Talking to people in different business verticals, we knew that their needs were quite different. Thus, we needed to figure out a way to provide good enough controls while not making the UI feel cluttered for users who would be looking for a more simple setup. This led us to define UI patterns that provide smart defaults and let users progressively reveal more features as they continue to explore.

Before the redesign, our campaign creation app for web and Facebook were quite different and we wanted to design application where the same UI paradigm can be applied to different products. Along with engineering’s effort of building a reusable UI component in React.js, this design process was building a UI component while sharing designs with other designers to make sure it works on other products as well.

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