AdRoll Campaign Reporting App

AdRoll’s reporting app for viewing campaign performance across web, Facebook and email.

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Convey AdRoll’s value to advertisers as a full-funnel marketing platform across web, Facebook and email.

AdRoll allows advertisers to run retargeting and prospecting campaigns across web, Facebook and email. In the current system, these campaigns are reported on 3 different reporting applications, which reflects AdRoll’s organization structure and the results of our conscious decision, which is shipping and learning faster by splitting apps and teams. It worked well for the company to validate the product and find a market fit.

However, this process resulted in fragmented reporting experience where our reporting system didn’t deliver AdRoll’s true value, which is full-funnel marketing platform across different channels.

Along with engineering teams’ effort of unifying reporting API, product organization formed a new product team dedicated to cross-product reporting.

Reporting is independent for each product in legacy systemReporting legacy system

Drive cohesion across our products so that our app reflects our value proposition to customers.

We first talked to the people in the front line - account managers, sales representatives, and customer support teams. Product manager and I sat with these people for 30 minutes each. These are the people who use our applications more heavily than others and we could hear very insightful customer feedbacks from them, which we resolved into major project themes below:

Quotes from account managers:

“We have so many reports. It’s not clear what’s in each report so I had to create a spreadsheet of all the reports we have.”
“Need more flexibility. Every client is different.”
“We are trying to tell the story of a full funnel but we don’t have the tools and reporting to back that up.”
“I have to stitch data together from various sources to tell clients the story.”

Working with a different group of stakeholders.

One of the biggest challenges with this project was cross-team collaboration. This app is a homepage to our advertisers and all other apps’ experience is impacted by it one way or another. One of the key processes I did was involving all stakeholders (mostly PMs from different teams) early in design process regularly. It was really helpful activity since I could hear different teams’ perspective on reporting and the design iteration process was smoother even with the large group of stakeholders since design constraints and product requirements were clarified during whiteboarding sessions.

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