Facebook Ads Reporting

A tool for marketers to analyze their Facebook ads performance.

Facebook's ad performance analysis tools provided limited features

Marketers analyze ads performance to make sure their ad budget is well spent on Facebook. However, our team knew that a large amount of analysis happens outside of our apps using exported data in Excel or Tableau, which hurts marketers productivity. Our team embarked on a new project to build the most flexible, advanced, and fast reporting tool out of Facebook's business applications.

Building a new product from 0 to 1

As a sole designer on the team, I worked on defining the first version of the product and prioritizing features in addition to designing and prototyping. Below are key features I designed with the goal of allowing marketers to build custom reporting views to quickly drill down into dimensions that are meaningful to them.

A. Filter activated; B. keyword typed; C. Filter applied
Column selector
A. Dimension columns; B. Metric columns; C. Searching columns
Column header actions
A. Column header actions; B. Sorting active on "Reach" column; C. Hover over column drag; D. Dragging active